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We can provide different types of OEM services for our customers.

How it works

Create a new product to call your own – in 5 easy steps!

Give us a ring!

Have new ideas for a unique, exciting bubble tea flavour? Begin your journey by reaching out to us! We’re happy to hear you out!

Crafting the perfect blend

Our team will work closely with you to build your custom product. 

From flavour profiles, sweetness and aroma to mouthfeel, aftertaste and ingredients, our bubble tea products can be customized from head to toe!

Brewing up your samples

Time to taste the magic! We’ll start preparing custom bubble tea samples based on our discussions, try them out and let us know what you think.

Your feedback is important to us!

Drafting Quotations

Satisfied with the new flavour? Take it to the next step by placing your order! 

Once we have your order quantities and shipping preferences, we’ll draft a detailed quotation for you – no hidden fees!

Order Your Dream Creation

Congratulations, you’re at the end of your journey! Time to showcase your bubble tea creation to the world, ready to start tickling taste buds!

We make bubble tea a science

Here in Yen Chuan, flavoured powders and syrups are more than just ingredients - they are a science, where every component, every molecule influences the overall sensory experience. From flavour and aroma to texture, colour and mouthfeel, every part counts to paint the perfect cup of bubble tea.

With our professional R&D team, we carefully craft our powder/syrup formulae, aiming for the perfect representation of flavour, aroma and texture in every sip. For clients needing custom-made flavours, we test relentlessly to identify, extract and replicate the essence of the products as faithfully as possible.

Flavour matters

Flavour goes beyond the five basic tastes - it’s a complex interplay between taste and aroma to create each unique flavour profile. Broadly-speaking, flavour profiles can be grouped into a number of categories:
Fruity flavours can range from more citrusy flavours (such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons) to light and sweet (peaches, apples and pears), or more intense sweet flavours such as strawberry, mango and passion fruit.
Different variants of the same fruit types may have different profiles as well. For example, the Irwin mango tends to have a lighter flavour and aroma compared to the typical mango.
Fruit Platterby Brenda Godinez
A dash of floral aroma can uplift any cup of tea! Floral aromas are essentially a mixture of different compounds extracted from flowers, which can be mixed with fruit, spices and other flavour notes.
Typical variants used include osmanthus, jasmine, rose, cherry blossoms, camellia and chrysanthemum.
assorted-color flower decorsby Nicolette Meade
One of the most iconic components of bubble tea is brown sugar, well known for its mixture of smoky, mollassy and caramel-like flavours.
Other types of sugars/sweeteners, from cane sugar’s light aromatic sweetness to monk fruit’s distinctive fruity aroma, can influence the overall flavour profile of the resulting drink.
The picture was part of our social media communication about food-topics. Taken by our editor and photographer Lena, styling by our friend Le Buzz Studio
Nuts and spices
Aside from coffees and shakes, nut and spices also play a role in bubble tea - common flavours include hazelnut, almond, cinnamon and vanilla.
A dash of spice aroma adds a layer of sophistication to the drink, and is perfect for the autumn/wintery days.
brown nuts on white ceramic bowlsby Towfiqu barbhuiya

Our Laboratory

Diversity flavors development
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Our professions

Research Lab

  • Many suppliers in Taiwan offer OEM services, but not many are willing to go the extra mile.
    Loaded with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by professionals, our lab is our greatest treasure, a place where magic takes place.
    Innovation and customization is our bread and butter – this is why we have our own lab for doing just that

What do we offer

  • 1
    OEM Services
    Many suppliers in Taiwan only offer basic OEM – we take this to the next level!
  • 2
    In-house Lab
    With the finest tools and professional staff for developing new products!
  • 3
    Customization and Innovation
    With an eye for the creative, we focus on creating tailor-made, innovative solutions!

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